What to Know For Destination Wedding Videos

If you're looking to have video for your destination wedding, it's good to consider your options as when you're booking a wedding package at an all-inclusive resort, it's typical for them to include an option to have someone to film your wedding. 

In my experiences, there are a few major downsides to hiring the resort's wedding guy

  1. For starters, the bride and groom almost never meet the videographer before their big day. This can be troublesome as it makes it difficult to communicate in such a short time exactly what you're looking for with your wedding video, particularly if you want something a little more artsy and special.
  2. As well I've seen many times due to multiple weddings at the resort, the resort wedding videographer can only show up for the ceremony and sometimes not even the reception, so your wedding video might look a bit more 'home video' than hiring your own professional who's there for you throughout the entire day.
  3. Depending on the time of year, there could be 2-3 weddings in a day at the resort and it can be hard for the resort videographer not to 'go through the motions' and miss capturing the unique story of each couple.

On the other hand, when booking your own videographer for your destination wedding

  1. There's much more time in advance of your big day to meet and get to know your cameraman as well as communicate your vision and any specific requests you have for the wedding video.
  2. You can also rest assured that on the day of your wedding, you are the focus of the videographer's attention and as a result of your previous meetings, they know a bit about you and your relationship and are better prepared to communicate that in the finished product.
  3. Flying your own videographer to your destination wedding can cost close to the same as if you were to hire them for a wedding at home. Many couples save money by using points for their videographer's flights and covering their nightly rate at the resort for 2-3 days instead of the entire week. In addition, many videographers will be open to adjusting their package rates for destination weddings.
  4. Depending on when your wedding occurs during your stay at the resort, your videographer could fly home and begin post-production editing, potentially having everything ready for you upon your return home.