Two Benefits to Hiring a Professional Camera Operator for Event Videography

After recently completing several shoots for event videography in Calgary, there are a couple of reasons why it's important to spend the extra money and hire a professional camera operator to cover your live event.

1. Availability of Suitable Equipment 

Many part-time videographers simply do not have the immediate access to suitable equipment that a professional does, in part because due to their typically, smaller budget. This immediate access to appropriate equipment is incredibly important when shooting events, as every venue is different and what camera setup worked for one shoot, might not translate to the next venue, event, and overall intention of the event coverage. 

For example, two event videography shoots I completed recently were about as different as they come:

i. A small lecture-hall style room with a large stage, one main speaker, and a sound mixer gave much less free movement around the room, more static shots of the speaker on stage, and overall, a more informational-style of event video. Equipment needed: Camera, tripod, and long lens.

ii. A large open concept room with a small stage and DJ setup, as well as a small microphone system provided many opportunities to tell a story of the evening including interactive crowd shots, sound ups from the host, and ultimately, a more atmospheric story-telling event video. Equipment needed: Camera, tripod, shotgun mic, two different lenses, and a monitor.

2. Ability to Adapt on the Fly

Since professional videographers are shooting on a full-time basis, typically they are more capable of adapting to the inevitable changes that occur when dealing with live event videography. This relates quite closely to the first point regarding having the appropriate gear on hand, which is essential if, for example, during the middle of shooting an outdoor event, it decides to rain or the venue lacks an adequate sound system. 

This ability to adapt seamlessly also translates to the capturing the spirit of each unique event itself. By adjusting their shooting style to the venue, event, crowd, and atmosphere, the professional can capture key moments of the event and produce a much more coherent snapshot of the activities that took place.