What to Look For When Hiring a Great Wedding Videographer

When searching for a wedding videographer, there are many considerations to take into account. From their previous work to their customer reviews to their rate packages, researching and finding a great professional shooter is not always easy. Here are a few things to look for when hiring a professional wedding videographer:

1. Experience

While there are no doubt some fantastic part-time videographers out there, your best bet is to hire someone whose bread and butter is wedding videography. Not only will a professional have more weddings under their belt, they will have worked with many different brides and grooms and have a better idea of important factors like timing and key moments in the wedding ceremony. As well, many full-time videographers include pre-production and post-production preparations in their rate packages such as meeting with the bride and groom beforehand, attending the wedding rehearsal, and editing during the following week(s) to prepare your video for delivery. 

It's also important to remember that just because someone owns the latest and greatest camera gear, it doesn't necessarily make them more qualified to use it. A true professional can shoot on many different types of cameras and the reality is that couples are paying their wedding videographer based on their ability to tell a compelling story, not on the ability of their camera to shoot in 4K.

2. Turnaround 

The reality of part-time videographers is just that: part-time, meaning that they do something else full-time and are only able to work on your wedding video on the side. Whereas a full-time wedding videographer will budget time to cut together and edit your video soon after. This results in an increased turnaround time as professionals don't have to spend a few hours here and there on evenings and weekends to prepare your wedding video.

3. Confidence

The ability of a seasoned wedding videographer to give the bride and groom full confidence in their ability to do their work is one of the most important assurances to have when hiring a professional shooter. Not only will their communication skills be clear to the bride, groom, and wedding party, they will also communicate with your wedding photographer as to where to stand during the important moments in the ceremony and how the plan for the wedding video coincides with photographer's responsibility to capture the day in still frames.